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YU Build je firma koja se bavi pružanjem konsultantskih usluga u oblasti građevinarstva za uspešnu realizaciju projekta od prve ideje do završetka gradnje.
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The Future Of Correlation Of Architectures - Spare Time
Monday, 17. June 2002.

Bearing in mind the numerous warnings dealing with the postindustrial phase in social development, and the description of the third millenium as the a era of spare time, this paper is attempt made by architects to accept the category of spare time as an already existing fact which is going the sphere of planning and projecting human surrounding. Thus the responsibility of architects, which is not a small one, must be directed towards working within the multidisciplinary researches of the phenomenon of spare time. These researches will be exploring new concepts, new urban structures, new architectural spaces which will be able to accept the expected expansion of spare time. We can expect all this to happen during the first decades of the new millenium. The prognosed transformation in the sphere of work (bringing your job into your home using computers), the changes in the way of educating oneself, are going to have the greatest influence on the interior of a flat an the design of a building and they are going to condition a new approach to projecting the contents in the near and far surrounding, actually the whole urban space.

Towards An Eco-House
Monday, 10. June 2002.

By the present strengthening (and revitalisation) og the healthy house concert, its materialisation is particularly important. Encouraged by the confidence in the wood origin, and the tradition of building in wood, which is cared and maintained in a wide part of the world, we looked here for reasons to restore the dignity of the wood house in our country as well. The main poin of the work is the ecological effect of the wood and of the materials for the construction of the wood house, on the evaluation of the ecological balance of the house in its whole. The work does not give the answers to all the questions relative to the application of wood, but we hope, that it asks for the public word of those that care for the protection and preservation of the building ecological dimension.

Ecologically Oriented Building – Guide To The New Century
Sunday, 09. June 2002.

Seeking the solution of the conflict between natural and artificial environment is a process going on in all fields of human activities. The transformation of the linear urban system into a cyclic system, where waste energy and matter will be used as a source of raw material, should also be performed through the transformation of its basic subsystem - house. In the last 30 years ecologically oriented building has been promoted throughout the world in order to minimize future degradation and to rehabilitate the already existing degraded environments. The realized projects described in this paper are a significant step in the evolution of human awareness of the need of different attitude towards nature at the threshold of the third millenium. In addition to energy and ecological criteria, which are satisfied in the settlements where the principles of ecological building are implemented, it is very important to create a healthy and good quality social atmosphere. The incorporation and integration of the principle of user participation in the process of planning, maintenance and creative infrastructure, as well as education and the awareness of the need to live in harmony with nature, is just as important as the design and building of the ecological structure.

Izgradnja studentskih domova jugoslavije u drugom milenijumu
Thursday, 06. June 2002.

U radu je prikazan hronološki arhitektonsko-graditeljski razvoj studentskih domova Jugoslavije. Autor ističe potrebu za drugačijom konceptualizacijom stambenog prostora u studentskom kolektivnom stanovanju idućeg milenijuma. Posebno je naznačena potreba za novim urbarhitektonskim formulacijama u prostoru i data preporuka za remodelovanje postojećih stambenih kapaciteta.

Designing And Building Houses For Refugees
Tuesday, 04. June 2002.

This paper presents the author's eight years experience (researches and practical work) in defining low-cost housing model for designing and building houses for refugees from Bosnia and Croatia. This model is accepted by the Government of Serbia, UNHCR and other humanitarian organizations (the Norwegian Refugee Council, Swiss Disaster Relief, etc.). The main characteristics of this model are lowest building cost, domestic materials, quick process of building and construction based on principle of phase development with the direct assistance of users.

Vertical Extention Of Apartment Buildings
Sunday, 02. June 2002.
ArhitektonikaAnalyzed Examples In Belgrade

In the paper to process new sight housing-building - vertikal extention on plane roofs in first years applications in Belgrade district - through function aspect. Vertikal extention is present reality and require particulary attention and analysis through difersity aspects. Effecks realization and her characterization to can to see in choose examples: Banovo brdo (Po`e{ka), Konjarnik 1, Bulevar Revolucije, Milo{a Pocerca 25, Strahinji}a Bana 57a, Narodnog fronta 72-74 i Dobrinjska 3, Blok 23 (N.Beograd), Miljakovac 2.

The real internal flexibility of the room structures of flats
Friday, 31. May 2002.

The feed-back data have been analysed during the period of more than twenty years on what and how many changes of flats, the buyers most often require before moving into them. Having these data in mind, it is obvious that they mostly ask for the increase of the number of bedrooms on the bought area of a flat.

As the answer to this fact we have designed flats with real internal flexibility of the room structures (and possibility of increasing the number of rooms) on the space of the economical size.

The big percentage of accepting of such design solutions on behalf of flat buyers (up to 46%) before moving in, enables us to conclude that designing of such flats, under firmly defined real conditions (without changing the construction elements or elevations, as well as the places of vertical instalations concetration), has a great importance. Such solution enables a family to obtain a well-organized flat, which will be able to follow the increase in number of members for a longer period, relieving it from the large financial expences for buying and furnishing bigger flats.

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