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YU Build je firma koja se bavi pružanjem konsultantskih usluga u oblasti građevinarstva za uspešnu realizaciju projekta od prve ideje do završetka gradnje.
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Besplatna promocija mladih projektanata
Friday, 11. May 2007.

Sajt je definisan kao mesto okupljanja 3d profesionalaca, sto se vidi vec i iz samog naziva.

Naravno sam sadrzaj svojim velikim izborom vrhunskih arhitektonskih 3d objekata i gotovih i potpuno podesenih scena spremnih za renderovanje, daje jedinstveni kvalitet ove ponude. Velik je i izbor strane literature za modelovanje i arhitektonsko projektovanje koja je potrebna svakom 3d modelaru i arhitekti.

Suggestion For Architectural And Urban Planning Project
Wednesday, 03. July 2002.
ArhitektonikaSuggestion For Architectural And Urban Planning Project Of Pastrovo Region Revitalization

The topic of this work is Pastrovo region traditional house revitalization and feasibility of providing it with economically payable function. The research resulted in conclusion that, along with undoubted financial benefits, it would lead to preservation of regional historical and environmental merits, and furthermore, of integral Montenegro. Having in mind the topography of this part of Montenegro, and limited expanding potentialities, reconstruction would be worth trying, as it woul recover the lost spirit of the past and inspire the spirit of the future, with the final goal to present Budva community and the whole Montenegro as a tourist, historic and ecology region, in a completely new and original way.

Interpretation of the street front pattern layers
Sunday, 30. June 2002.

The main issue of this paper is image interpretation of urban villa. Urban villa is considered as a type of housing that satisfies functional, economic and comfort aspects of apartment house. We considered the image of urban villa as a part of a street elevation. We saw the image of urban villa through three different layers: material layer, layer of meaning and language layer. The language layer has been analyzed as the most important problem in urban environment at present moment. The examination has been done through a historic experience and relevant parameters of image organization.

Housing In Town Center
Friday, 28. June 2002.

Paper compares position of housing in town center, in cities of developed western countries and in Belgrade. It is pointed out that as apposed to developed western countries, potentials for sustainable housing in center of Belgrade still exists, but there is also a negative trend of moving along habitation from Belgrade center (with the only and solely aim of economic prosperity). Developed western countries are already working on theoretical support for solving their problem. If we want to manage as a sustainable society it is important to develop new planning strategy for our cities, based on sustainable development principles, which way we will provide retention of quality housing in our towns centers.

Complexity Of Housing In The Third Millenium Metropolises
Wednesday, 26. June 2002.

The creation, development and transformation of metropolises in the XXI century are oppening broad field for spatial, socio-economic and planning researches. Housing as one of the major city activities can`t be examined separately because future of new metropolises depends on different relationships between activities, their causes and consequences. Our experience on that subject isn`t sufficient. We must apply principles used in more progressive urban environments, so example of the Ile de France region represents directions how improvement in whole metropolis area can influence quality of housing, other activities and urban spaces.

Wednesday, 26. June 2002.

In the architectural design process, using computers make possibilities to restitute a direct communication between numerous participants. Connected in this way, designers and their cooperators or their computer software and databases communicate more immediate and exchange relevant data faster.

The great advantages of computers are in their memory capabilities. It is possible to store numerous information on one place, or communicate with a distant database of well-known professional or scientific institutions. In this way, positive global professional experience becomes more reachable.

The rising problem, caused by speed development of worldwide computer network (Internet), in reason of efficient use, is finding locations and systematization of architectural links and databases.

There are some possible ways to find a needful information or data: a) Using universal search engines b) Using specialized, professionally designated search engines c) Searching on electronic publications and magazines d) Searching on web pages of professional organizations and associations e) Searching on presentations of scientific, research and high educational institutions f) Using the exact www address g) Trough previously stored addresses (Bookmark).

Right treatment on any of those accessing data, makes search significantly faster and more efficient. For each access of research, the prerequisite of optimal efficiency is precise definition of searching goal, as the most important part in preparing the adequate method.

Supplement To The Application Of Analogous Parameters In Estimation Of The Inves
Friday, 21. June 2002.

Investment ventures can be evaluated, analyzed and graded in various classic and usual ways. This paper explores a close enough abstract model of the respective process of decision making, which makes it possible to follow, using the principle of analogy, the process of decision making at the stage of acumulating and estimating of the necessary funds for investment joining of the interested investors. The analogy established between the Continuum Mechanics and investment projects can be partial or complete. It is possible to observe a close enough model and bring rational decisions on the basis of the analogous laws of the Continuum Mechanics. Use of the suggested model for the investment decision making and application of the analogous parameters for the same investment program enables reaching, by means of selection, the most appropriate solution at the moment.

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